I'm swinging in the backyard in a cold December night
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People are going to push, push, and push Harry until he isn’t nice anymore, and when that happens it’s going to be so awful and it’s going to be all the fans’ fault. DO NOT STALK HIM. BE POLITE. MIND YOUR DAMN MANNERS. LEARN, COMPREHEND, AND PRACTICE PERSONAL BOUNDARIES. STALKING IS ILLEGAL AND DOESN’T BECOME NOT ILLEGAL WHEN THE PERSON IS FAMOUS.

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"do u do drugs?"
“yes!!! I do malikjuana tomlinbacco styleroids payne killers and horanoin!!

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she wants the d(eluxe version of the new 5sos album)

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I don’t care what you say, Michael Clifford is one of us. We are one. I connect to Michael on a deep level. He is a tumblr kid.

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